The girl bought a ring with a huge glass in the street market for a penny. The jeweler advised her to check the „sparkler”

Most people who often buy from thrift stores are looking for something unique at a bargain price. But since all things are second-hand, it can sometimes be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. So when an Englishwoman popped into a flea market and bought a beautiful ring, she was sure that the jewelry would perfectly highlight some of her best outfits. Only many decades later, she realized that she had bought something completely different.

One cute find at a flea market
If you’ve ever been to a flea market, a garage sale, or spent a ton of time at your favorite thrift store, you know what to do. Most of the time in these antique shops is spent sorting out random cigarette-burnt junk. One find can change your life. But that’s not what one anonymous British woman was thinking in the 1980s when she walked into a flea market (or, as it is called in England, „car boot sale”). She was looking for something completely unique in numerous shop windows.

More precisely, she needed jewelry, and she tried to find what she would like. A considerable amount of jewelry was simply laid out in a huge container by the road, everyone could rummage in it, and the necklaces were stretched on a fishing line just above the container with rings, earrings and chains. One piece caught the girl’s attention. While sorting the glass, she noticed one massive ring. She liked it immediately. After paying about £ 10 for her new treasure, the girl headed home with no idea how much she actually benefited from such a purchase.

Daily accessory
The ring has become one of the girl’s daily accessories. The stone was massive and resembled something that might appear on the crown of the Queen of England. The owner loved this jewelry so much that she wore it every day for the next 30 years, without thinking about how much it might actually cost, until one day her ring caught the attention of a jeweler.

He recommended that she give the ring for evaluation, because he thought there was a chance that the diamond might actually be real. The woman doubted this, but decided to evaluate the stone just in case. So, the woman took the ring to Sotheby’s to be evaluated. A quick professional glance led both of them to a rather stunning discovery.

The originality of the stone was confirmed

The unrealistically large diamond that this woman had been wearing on her finger for almost 30 years was not a fake at all. It has been certified as a true 26-carat diamond by the Gemological Institute of America. Once the originality of the diamond was confirmed, the woman decided to put it up for auction.

The ring was supposed to have been priced at around £ 350,000, but when the diamond did go up for auction, the owner was again very lucky. She could not even imagine that it could cost so much.

At the auction, the diamond was sold to an anonymous buyer for £ 847,000.