Wolves helped a woman give birth to a baby in the forest. Experts have never faced such cases and cannot provide reasonable comments

„The wolves considered me a member of their pack”: How wolves helped 25-year-old Mary Cranik to give birth to her baby in the woods


„The wolves considered me a member of their pack” – such a shocking statement was made by 25-year-old Mary Cranik, who gave birth to a healthy baby in extreme conditions.

A secretary from Talkeetna, Alaska, was 8 months pregnant when, returning home, she was caught in a terrible snowstorm. She barely managed to get out of the car and even walk about a kilometer when her contractions began. The girl lost consciousness from the pain, and when she woke up, she saw that her head was lying on the back of a huge wolf.

Other members of the pack surrounded the birthing mother with a tight ring, forming a protective barrier from the blizzard. A few minutes later, Mary’s baby was born. One of the wolves gnawed the umbilical cord very carefully, and then, together with the other she-wolf, carefully licked the baby.


Several wolves tried to warm the young woman who was trying to reach her baby. To help her, the she-wolf, that gnawed the umbilical cord, moved up the newborn to the mother. The baby began to cry, and Mary realized that it was alive. After a while, she even managed to breastfeed it.

When the Mary’s car was found, rescuers immediately rushed to her. Seeing a pack of wolves near Mary, the men started shooting, thinking that something irreparable had happened.

Within minutes they noticed the girl with her baby leaning against a tree. It is interesting that the wolves did not leave, but from the sidelines watched how the young mother was transferred to the car.


Experts have never faced such cases and cannot provide reasonable comments. And Mary is grateful to her saviors and does not want to listen to those who warn her against the desired meeting with predatory saviors.

We think that everything can be explained simply – nature is smarter than all of us and instincts are very strong. What do you think? Share this story with your friends!